Music Nepal


Under the Industry Act of the Government of Nepal in 1982, Music Nepal Pvt. Ltd began its journey as the pioneering private music company in Nepal with a capital of two hundred thousand rupees (Approx. US$ 15000). With decades of quality service, continuous involvement and sincere dedication, Music Nepal has established itself as the leaders in the music business of Nepal. When this company started in 1983, it was the first private recording and music publishing house of the country. As the pioneers in commercial music business, Music Nepal has been continuously playing an important role of strengthening the music fraternity of Nepal by strengthening the copyright situation in Nepal by helping to establish the first copyright protection society of Nepal. It also became the first music company to run a FM station and pay royalty to the artists on songs played basis on the FM radio. Music Nepal is not just another music company but it is the brand tagged as the biggest music company of Nepal. It is equipped with the state-of-the-art technology and engineering that defines the modern day music whether it be for recording or duplication. Breaking conventional methods, Music Nepal has always tried to embark upon new ideas, incorporating new innovations & technologies. For instance, the concept like digital sales was first initiated by Music Nepal and which was later followed by other companies. Music Nepal was the first company not only in Nepal but in the entire South Asia to introduce a digital loop dubbing plant and acquire liscense from multinational music companies like Polygram, RPGML (HMV) and Magnasound for sale representation in Nepal. It was also the first music company in this region to be featured in ‘Asia Who is Who’ – a documentary program broadcasted by NHK Television of Japan. Today, Music Nepal has alliances with more than 500 other music companies for the digital marketing of songs, videos and personal ring back tone (PRBTs) which accounts for three quarter of the market of domestic and foreign music in the country. It also hosts the largest number of music and related content which includes songs of different genres in different languages, different types of instruments and their information.