Today, Music Nepal has alliances with more than 500 other music companies for the digital marketing of songs, videos and personal ring back tone (PRBTs) which accounts for three quarter of the market of domestic and foreign music in the country. It also hosts the largest number of music and related content which includes songs of different genres in different languages, different types of instruments and their information. The music bank as it is often referred consists of more than 40000 copies of original songs in digital format from various artists and musicians. This catalog of songs encompasses for more than 80% of the total Nepali songs from almost all the past and contemporary Nepali artists. With such vast resources of Nepali music, Music Nepal has managed to keep on par with this reputation by providing a one-stop solution for all digital audio and video music demands. Music Nepal has kept itself in tune with the technological development and has made its contents available in all major digital platform of the world including You tube, Vuclip, Itunes, Spotify and many other. Also Music Nepal’s contents are available in more than 40 countries. In its pursuit for musical excellence and applied research in Nepal, Music Nepal has also founded its own formal music school and research center named Nepal Music Center in Kathmandu, the capital city itself. Perhaps, it is for these contributions, for its continued and conscious effort to Nepali Music fraternity that this company has been decorated with the Goldstar International Award for excellence in quality.