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Established in 1982, Music Nepal has been on a journey to preserve and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Nepal through a vast collection of audio and videos. From traditional folk tunes echoing through the mountains, the hills, and the valleys, we have diligently preserved the core of our cultural identity. Music Nepal Archive transcends being merely a repository of audio and videos; it is a joyous celebration of Nepal's intricate cultural tapestry. One of the aims of Music Nepal Archive is to ensure the national’s culture and intellectual memory is sustained and accessible.
Our Archive is open for researchers to explore, and access information, audio recordings, texts and, in certain instances photos and videos,. However, due to copyright limitations, researchers must seek permission to listen to or view complete recordings.
For full-length access to audio and video recordings, the Researcher agrees to submit a formal request to Music Nepal, specifying the intended use, duration, and any additional relevant details. Following an evaluation of each researcher’s request, the Archives staff will grant streaming access to specific content for a designated period. Each researcher who requests access to full-length recordings will be asked to agree to the terms in the Researcher Agreement before they access their streaming files.

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