About Us:

Music Nepal was established in 1982, under the Industrial Act of Nepal, as the first music company in the country. It pioneered the concept of royalty payments to artists and creators of music by paying a fixed percentage of sales revenue of their albums. This encouraged creation and helped in the exponential growth of the industry,  which was driven especially by the popularity of Folk Songs of different parts of the country. ‚ÄčMusic Nepal also played a catalytic role in developing Copyright Law and over the years has joined hands with numerous stake holders to strengthen the copyright regime in the country.

 After the collapse of physical sales of music-cassettes and CDs, Music Nepal spearheaded change by retailing it’s contents in different forms such as Ring Back Tones in mobile and digital platforms including ITunes, Spotify, Sony Music, YouTube, and more recently through it's very own Apps. It also evolved to diversify its product offerings to cover music videos, television serials, and movies. Today, Music Nepal has alliances with several other music companies for digital marketing of itssongs, videos and personal ring back tones (PRBTs) globally and accounts for three quarter of the music market in the country. It also hosts the largest number of music and related contents which includes volumes of original songs of different genres in Nepali and various regional languages and a sizable collection of videos in digital format. With decades of quality service, continuous improvement, and sincere dedication, Music Nepal has established itself as the undisputed market leader in the music business in Nepal.

 In its pursuit for musical excellence, Music Nepal has in the year 2005 founded its own formal music school and research center named Nepal Music Center in Kathmandu, which is also the only government accredited musical school in the country. Perhaps, it is for these contributions and for its continued and conscious effort to serve Nepali Music fraternity that it has been awarded various prestigious national and international recognition including the Goldstar International Award for excellence in quality.